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Bespoke Packaging Does Not Have to Be For Big Companies

Would you classify your company as large? Small? Or merely in the start-up phase? Do you envision your reach extending across the nation or even the world, or do you plan to stay small, serving only your immediate community? No matter where your company lies along the size and reach spectrum, it is important to remember that bespoke packaging does not just have to be for big companies. Businesses of all sizes can benefit greatly from this marketing tool, even if the products you sell are different from those sold by mainstream companies as well.

The logos, color schemes, catch phrases, and underlying brand messages of large, worldwide companies are easy to remember. Granted, those companies often spend millions of dollars each year on advertising efforts, but they also utilize a more subtle marketing approach: custom packaging. Branded boxes, bags, tags, and more all serve to keep the overall company message and look at the front of a customer’s mind; even when that customer gets home with their purchase, they have a reminder of where they bought it and a visual prompt for the next time they need to go out and buy a similar product.

Custom packaging options that are made exactly how you envision them are easily available for small companies just like they are for large ones. With a little capital, creativity, and action, you can implement a packaging plan into your overall marketing strategy easily and effectively.

Picture this: you and a competitor have been vying for sales in the same community for some time. You decide to offer custom packaging featuring your business logo and witness a surprising and exciting effect on your customers: not only do they come back more often, but they are also more likely to purposefully and inadvertently influence others to do the same. How does this happen? Your packaging sitting in their car or in their home serves as an advertising tool for them – whenever they see it, they are reminded of your businesses and it reinforces the idea of you as a better solution than your competitor. The same is true of others that see people carrying products in your branded packaging: they are subtly influenced to shop with you rather than with your competition.

The time is now for small companies to take advantage of the possibilities afforded by bespoke packaging solutions!