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Tissue as we know it today has a long and colourful history. The modern tissue products were launched in the US in 1857 when Joseph Gayetty of New York produced the first packaged tissue made up of flat sheets of paper that were moistened with Aloe. This product was known as “Gayettys medicated paper”. However, the rolled and perforated tissue we now use was made by an American company known as Albany‚Äôs perforated wrapping paper Company. The two ply tissue paper that is common today was produced in UK by St Andrews paper mill as recently as 1942. At, we package some of the finest luxury tissue products in the market today.

Due to demand, we are now producing luxury tissue paper wholesale for our clients. Unlike cheap tissue paper, our tissue is acid-free, bleed resistant and toxic free. We take pride in our tissue production process because we make it upon order to client specifications. Our products are 17gms and 14gms soft tissue. We have three types of packages namely the reams, roll and retail pack. The reams are made up of 250 sheets of tissue paper bound by a clear polythene paper. Eight reams are then packed in one carton. The roll package contains 50 sheets of tissue packed in a clear polythene bag. A carton of the roll package contains 24 polythene bags. The retail pack on the other hand contains 14 grams soft tissue packed in 6 folded sheets per small clear polythene bag.

To offer you variety, we have coloured tissue paper available in many colours such as different shades of Yellow, Red, Green, Pink, Purple and grey among other attractive colours. One of the main benefits you get by purchasing our products to resell is you are able to offer your clients extremely high quality products. The clients in turn appreciate your efforts and this leads to an increased customer loyalty. From that point on, your clients will expect high quality items from you. As long as you continue offering them products from SAL Packaging, they will be happy to remain your customers.

There are a number of reasons you should stock our tissue products and one of them being the high quality packaging that makes them stand out. Our luxury tissue looks the part. It is packaged in an attractive pack that makes customers conclude the brand has to be a high value product. If a person wishes to present our tissues as a gift, they do not have to wrap them as the packaging is already good enough for a gift package. As a distributor, if you are looking for the best luxury tissue paper UK to brand, then you cannot go wrong with our tissue. Your brand name is guaranteed of being noticed in the market because of its superior packaging. However, you are not confined to luxury coloured tissue paper only, you may also choose to brand our fairly priced white tissue paper which also comes in an attractive package. By choosing to work with us, you can be sure we will cater for all your tissue paper wholesale needs.