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Brandable Tissue Paper for Custom Packaging

Branding is such an important way to create relevance, visibility,and a sense of quality for your company. There are dozens  of shops, boutiques, and online resources for consumers to choose from when in the market for a specific item or gift, or just browsing for fun. By paying close attention to your branding efforts you can make your shop more attractive to consumers.

We offer brandable tissue paper that allows your custom packaging to be not only beautiful and sophisticated, but very obviously specific to only your shop. The simple act of using high quality tissue paper that has been emblazoned with your logo or name will add a sense of elegance to your packaging as well as demonstrating expertise and authority within your  niche.
Our brandable tissue paper is far more than just pieces of tissue that have your name on them. Other types of tissue paper    that are used for packaging or gift wrap are of substandard quality that can result in thin, easily ripped paper in washed out colours that may bleed orlook inconsistent because of the materials used.

Our luxury tissue paper starts as 100% virgin pulp to create consistent, acid free paper with a luxurious  feel. The rich, fully saturated colours are bleed resistant  so they will not  damage the items that  are  within the package, nor mar the appearance  of your custom packaging. The  acid free  bleed resistance  also makes it possible  for you to use  our luxury tissue  paper with all forms of products and gift  items,  even including  food.

The brandable tissue paper that we produce is fully customised. This means that you select the  colour  that  you desire and provide your  logo. We will then print  your  logo in an attractive, high quality  ink  of  your desired colour. The result is custom packaging  that is truly  impressive.

Consider the exposure that your packaging  receives after a consumer makes a purchase  from your  boutique. Particularly if you  own  a brick-­‐and-­‐mortar  store you can expect a consumer’s purchase to  be seen by several other people after he leaves  your shop. The branding on custom packaging will  imprint the name of  your  shop on the minds of  those that  see the package. A lovely plume of  branded tissue paper makes an  impression  of quality, attention  to  detail, and  luxury that is very  appealing.

Consider also  the tendency for gifts, especially impulse gifts, to be given in the package from the store  where it was purchased. Beautiful custom packaging makes an attractive gift presentation, and inspires a  recipient to remember the  name  of your shop the next time a gift is needed.