SAL Packaging » Custom Jewellery Boxes – An Affordable way for your Jewellery Store to Profit

Custom Jewellery Boxes – An Affordable way for your Jewellery Store to Profit

The name adorned atop a jewellery box is the first thing an individual sees. If your company name is beautifully engraved or stamped on top of the boxes you sell, your customers will likely think of you when they’re in the market for another piece of jewellery, or when others ask for advice on where to buy their pieces. A custom jewellery box is also an absolutely stunning promotional tool that can far exceed your expectations at minimal costs.

Numerous types of custom jewellery boxes are available. Retailers will find them in assorted shapes and sizes as well as colors and designs, making it simple to find a unique look to call your own. No matter what you choose, it will no doubt present your customers with a positive image of your company from the first moment eyes are laid on the box. Some boxes are made of cardboard while others of plastic; they can be lined with velvet or suede or even an outside leather trim for added sophistication. The box that you choose will be something all your own, and the name of your jewellery shop can be imprinted according to your specifications on the top of the box.

Purchasing jewellery boxes customized with your information is affordable whether you are a small, medium, or large jewellery store. Keep in mind that costs vary according to the type of box that you are looking for, the size of the box, the quantity that is needed, and the wholesale company that you purchase from. Comparing costs with a few different companies before purchasing will help find the best prices for the boxes, but you can always be certain they are an addition that can do much for your company.