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Custom Packaging for Companies Big and Small

Do you ever look at large companies like Nordstrom, Apple, Abercrombie, Safeway, and Zales and wish that you could achieve the same brand awareness and market saturation that they have found? Not only do their signature logos and color schemes beckon shoppers both in person and online, but their custom packaging options truly take their customer service and branding to the next level.

The good news is that bespoke packaging options are not merely for elite box stores anymore. They are available for companies both big and small and in any industry imaginable. If you have a logo or even just a company name – and all businesses must have a registered name – then you are in a perfect position to begin getting your brand out there through packaging that reflects both your company’s style and overall message.

As a few tips before you decide on the packaging options that work best for you:

– Know your target market and order accordingly. If, for example, you manufacture a green, sustainable product and want to reach out to customers that believe strongly in protecting the environment, then steer clear of materials such as plastic bags that would alienate your intended audience. Instead, select bespoke packaging made of recycled material that will appeal better to your clientele.

– Companies big and small need to take the laws of supply and demand into account before making a custom packaging order. If you regularly see hundreds of customers through your doors each week, then a small order will run out far too quickly leaving you high and dry, Likewise, if you serve a boutique customer base and only sell a few items in any given day, be careful not to order an overabundance of bags or boxes that will end up sitting in your back room week after week.

With these tips and a plan in place, you will be well on your way toward finding a custom packaging solution that works for your company and that will leave a lasting impression on your customers.