SAL Packaging » The Effectiveness of Brandable Tissue Paper for Brand Development and Consumer Loyalty

The Effectiveness of Brandable Tissue Paper for Brand Development and Consumer Loyalty

Brand loyalty is one of the most important elements of developing relationships with consumers. When a consumer forms a fondness and attachment to a certain brand they will not only purchase items from that brand on a continual basis, but will also discuss their loyalty to the brand with other consumers. This word of mouth promotion is one of the most powerful ways that your company can grow.

While there are many ways to develop a brand and encourage that brand to be recognizable and desirable, custom packaging is a meaningful and potent detail that is often forgotten, but makes a tremendous difference in how your business will be perceived. Custom packaging, including printed carrier bags and brand-able tissue paper, extends the quality of your company beyond just the immediate interactions the consumer has with your company, which provides an additional sense of attention to detail and dedication.

Our brand-able tissue paper begins with our 100% virgin pulp, acid free luxury tissue paper. It is then printed with your logo in whatever color you desire. This offers an additional opportunity to express your company’s branding and demonstrate careful attention to detail.

Some of the ways that using brand able tissue paper as an element of your custom packaging can benefit your company include:

  • Selecting signature colors for your company creates as sense of continuity and personality. These colors can be used throughout your shop, on your website, and in your brand-able tissue paper. It is a small detail that will be noticed and appreciated by those that develop loyalty to your brand, and generate brand recognition.
  • Even if you have selected signature colors for your company, changing these colors in accordance with the seasons or holidays can make major impact. This can be particularly influential during peak shopping seasons such as Christmas. A slight alteration of your colors, while still remaining in the same vein, can bring additional attention to your packaging, and therefore, your company.
  • After a consumer has made a purchase from your shop it is likely that the packaging will be seen by several people. Tastefully customized bags and tissue will draw the attention of these people and plant the name of your company in their minds.
  • Consumers appreciate feeling as though they are a part of something exclusive, high quality, and special. Developing your brand around a sense of luxury, even if you are not a luxury products company, will provide this feeling. Consumers will then feel proud to be seen carrying your packaging. Simply offering custom and bespoke packaging is a subtle suggestion that your customers should show off that they shop with you.