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Relying on the Best for Custom Packaging

What do the names Godiva, Celio, Macfarlane Packaging, and Petite Bateau have in common? You may immediately notice that they are all big names in their industries, and recognizable companies that make a tremendous impact on the marketplace.

What you may not immediately know is that they all share one thing—their resource for the highest quality custom packaging available. We provide all of these companies with their solutions for custom packaging, offering them access to a long list of packaging options including jute bags, printed carrier bags, shop carrier bags, custom jewelry boxes, Kraft paper bags, and luxury tissue paper. These items allow these major companies to package their products in a way that not only protects and transports the items, but also exhibits each individual company’s dedication to detail, quality, and branding.

Why does this matter to you? As a business owner you should be concerned with selecting the products and resources that will help you to achieve the branding, reputation, and success that you desire. When you are trying to choose the products that you will use in your business it can be difficult to narrow down all of the options and choose the ideal resource. You may find yourself overwhelmed with the options, or you may just not know where to look. This is why looking to the biggest companies and who they choose to use can be beneficial.

You know that these companies can truly use whatever resource they desire. They have reached the peak of success and visibility and have the world available to them. They choose to work with us because we offer them the products that they need at the quality that they expect.

One of our most popular custom packaging items is our luxury tissue paper. Our 100% virgin pulp tissue paper has consistent quality, and is not only acid free but bleed resistant. This means that you can use this tissue paper to wrap and embellish all forms of products and gift items, including delicate fabrics, and even food.

This luxury tissue paper can be also be branded, which is extremely popular with our biggest name clients. This is because having high quality tissue paper emblazoned with your company’s logo is an attractive and impressive way to add attention to detail, as well as the impression of value and luxury to their packages.