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Your Custom Packaging Needs – Solved!

Summary: SAL Packaging, a leader in bespoke packaging, has revamped their website and now offers custom tissue paper online.

SAL Packaging has recently redesigned their website and made it easier to buy the perfect custom and bespoke packaging, and even custom tissue paper. Everything your business needs to brand comprehensively can be ordered simply and quickly online at SAL Packaging.

The latest trend in bespoke packaging has been custom tissue paper. With beautiful colours and the soft delicacy of luxury tissue paper, you can remind your customers that you care for their purchases and don’t spare any luxury for them. Every time they see the tissue paper, they will be reminded of your business, and if your customers buy a gift for someone else you’ll be marketing both your style and your level of customer service to a potential new customer. SAL Packaging has a range of stunning colours from soft pastels to the bold and bright colours that will be trending this summer.

For all of your other custom packaging needs, SAL Packaging has solutions for your business. From simple art paper bags to durable jute bags with stylish wooden handles, from gift boxes in a range of practical sizes, to environmentally friendly biodegradable plastic bags, whatever you need, you’ll find it at SAL Packaging. You can even purchase unique bespoke bags such as suit covers and non-woven, polypropylene bags.

Whether you are having an event and want to give away bespoke gift bags that advertise your business, or you are looking for the perfect custom packaging for use every single day, SAL Packaging is your one stop online shopping solution. The SAL team has been in the business for over two decades, watching trends come and go and constantly evolving their product line. Services are worldwide and allow business owners, event planners, and interior designers to customise the perfect look every time.