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Creating Value with Luxury Tissue Paper

How do you decide the quality of a particular company and the products that it has to offer? Do you spend a considerable amount of time researching the company, gathering opinions from a large variety of consumers, and examining the projected growth of the brand? This is unlikely. Rather, if you are like most people, your perceptions of different companies with whom you do business are developed from a combination of different factors, including:

  • The experiences and opinions of your friends and family who have used the products of the company, or have heard things about the company.
  • The trend-­-factor, or how fashionable a company is—particularly how it is perceived among the most influential and impressive people of a certain niche that matters to you.
  • The actual quality of the products as you determine by using them.
  • How the products and company itself is presented to you at all stages of the shopping experience.

Now that you have considered the ways that you determine value in another company you are better able to view your own company and determine if you are offering an image of quality. One of the biggest considerations is your branding. Something as simple as your custom packaging can dramatically enhance the value that is perceived in your company and your products.

Luxury tissue paper is a detail that is often overlooked by companies, but one that makes a serious impact on your image. Our luxury tissue paper is created out of 100% virgin pulp, producing paper that is consistent and without flaw. It is acid free, which means that it is safe to use for all types of products and gift items including delicate fabrics and even food. Being acid free also means that it can be preserved in a memory book without discoloring  breaking down, or damaging other items around it, an ideal detail for companies that sell products commonly offered as gifts for special occasions such as weddings, births, anniversaries, and special birthdays.

Because our tissue paper is also bleed resistant you do not have to worry that the color of the paper will seep onto the products inside, an especially important characteristic for tissue that will be used with food.

Perhaps most important to enhancing the value of the products that you sell, however, is the ability for our tissue paper to be branded. When you wrap an item in a piece of branded luxury tissue paper you are demonstrating that you care deeply about the item that you are wrapping and that you are proud to literally put your name on it, and that translates into great value for your customers.