SAL Packaging » Luxury Tissue Paper – Adding Sophistication to Your Gifts and Shopping

Luxury Tissue Paper – Adding Sophistication to Your Gifts and Shopping

Shopping for gifts for loved ones is one of the greatest joys of life. Offering a token of love, appreciation, acknowledgement, or celebration is fun and exciting—and the experience truly starts with shopping. When a consumer is shopping for a special gift he wants to feel that the gift is just that, special, from the moment that it is purchased. This is when luxury tissue paper can make a tremendous difference.

Custom packaging such as jute bags or shop carrier bags give your shop or boutique a sophisticated and personalized feeling, which immediately makes a consumer feel valued and exclusive simply from the privilege of shopping there. This will set them up to feel much more satisfied with their purchase and with offering the gift to their loved one. The ideal way to complete the polished and professional look of custom packaging is with luxury tissue paper.

Other tissue paper can look cheap or low quality, but our tissue paper is of the highest quality to add that perfect finishing touch to your packages. The richness of the feel of the paper gives luxury to packaging, while the 100% virgin pulp composition ensures tissue that is consistent and flawless.

Our tissue is also acid free. This means that the tissue is safe to be used with a wide variety of items, including the most delicate of fabrics. Paper that contains acid can cause fragile fabrics and paper items to age, discolor, and break down more quickly. Protecting items with high quality acid free luxury tissue paper ensures that you are providing your customers with the ideal packaging for their purchases.

You do not need to worry that the highly saturated col or on our tissue will bleed onto the items that you wrap. Each of our tissues is bleed resistant to ensure that they are safe for use with everything from clothing and linens to jewelry and even gourmet food items.

There are some people who will make a purchase as a gift and then not wrap it themselves. This means that the packaging that you provide will be the way that the gift is presented to the recipient. This speaks volumes not only about the person giving the gift, but also your shop. You want your package to be beautiful and speak to the sophistication, quality, and attention to detail of your establishment, leaving an impression both on the purchaser and the recipient of the package.